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MEX series for
hazardous locations 125cc and 250cc
EC Econo Series 
60cc, 120cc and 240cc
D (digital) series
125cc and 250cc
OL refillable
Oil dispenser
M Mechanical
refillables 125cc, 250cc and 500cc 
MSB battery operated machine synchronized 
PLC - PLC controlled,
 remotely monitored
60cc, 120cc, 240cc, 480cc
MS external powered machine

Electrochemical Single Point

Technolube Inc. is a Richmond BC based company, specializing in providing reliable and user friendly automatic lubricators with your choice of grease fill, and user-fillable oil units.  Our lubricators are also available with stock greases (EP0, EP1 and EP2 types) shipped next day or better.  Some food grade greases or specialty lubricant greases may take a little longer, but we will do our best to ship your lubricators containing the grease specified for your equipment in the shortest possible time, ready to go.

Electronically controlled lubrication has many advantages over the manual grease gun. Your lubricant is delivered in the precise amounts set up during installation of the lubricator.  You enjoy better performance and longer machinery life (up to 48% longer), while reducing safety concerns and maintenance costs. The lubricator excludes air so there is less opportunity for hardening of grease in the bearing. 

The units we supply start with the very user friendly single point Econo series and digital display D series, plus electromechanicals which can serve one or up to eight  bearings, explosion-proof versions for hazardous locations, user-fillable oil dispensers and the machine synchronized battery or external powered/remote control units.  For more  information please select the images below,  or use the model comparison/dispense rate chart button below to find the one(s) best suited to your equipment and ambience.

Grease brands in stock include Chevron, Dow, Lubriplate, Mobil, PetroCanada, Shell, Swepco and others.

Currently our lubricators are being used in a variety of industries and locations including:
                       Lumber Mills                         Freight Terminals                       Food Processing                      Cement Plants
                       Paper Manufact                     Wastewater Plants                      Ferries                                   Conveyors
                       Overhead Cranes                   Glass Manufacturing                   Carwashes                              Breweries
                       Ski lifts                                  Wind turbines                            Mining operations                   Quarries                                                   Escalators...                          HVAC Installations                      and more.

Click for model comparison and dispense rate charts
Spring powered Single Point
TL-S1 100cc size - user refillable, easy operation.