Mounting Bracket Assembly       Extension Tube          Progressive Divider       Push in fittings           Empty and Prefilled Tubing
125cc:  091mm(3.6") x 183mm (3.6")
250cc:  091mm(3.6") x 210mm (8.2")
500cc:  092mm(3.64") x 261mm(10.2") 
NOTE:  Technical information is subject to change without notice.
125cc:   860g (1.89 lb.)
250cc: 1050g (2.31 lb.)
500cc: 1300g (2.86 lb.)
Direct Straight/Angle Mount
(with or without extension tube)
is always preferable,. However for applications not allowing direct or extension mounts,
remotely mount the unit using a   6mm  O.D. prefilled lube line.
Remote Multi Point Lubrication
is available with the Technolube M using a divider block.  It is recommended to test the back pressure pf the bearing, lube line, and divider block after assembly using a grease gun connected to a pressure gauge.  Ensure the break-off pressure is below the average operating pressure of 30kgf/cm2 (425psi).
Shelf Life  and Product Warranty.

The shelf life of each Technolube M unit is 2 years from the date of production.   Product warranty is limited to original defects in materials  and workmanship and will not cover any collateral damage due to mishandling, abuse and/or any other inappropriate use of the product.  Warranty period is 1 year from the date of  purchase.
MSDS.   Available for the  Energizer batteries used and stock Mobil Unirex greases on request.   We can provide MSDS for most other greases you may require.    The M series units have no other possibly hazardous content.
M series Refillables TL-M1 125cc, TL-M2 250cc, TL-M3 500cc.
Our M series mechanical lubricators will display the following where

The number of days until empty;
The number of days on empty;
Back pressure warning icon;
Number of days in back pressure mode;
Digital readout;
Low grease icon.

       Bracket  and fittings                Extenders                     Progressive Divider             Push-in Fittings              6mm Tubing                       .
Daily dispense rates chart on the Comparison Chart page.