​Dowloadable installation PDFs for the TL-OL500:

Brushes of  nylon or stainless steel  round or flat, in 1" and 2" sizes  are available as initial installation kits or as individual items for replacements.

*An economical solution compared to messy manual lubrication or a high 
cost, fully automated lube system.
*A complete oil lubrication system with optional accessories and remote        installation kits for single point or up to four  points.
*Easy to check operating status.
*Oil volume quickly adjustable by the mode setting.
*Simple to refill the spill-proof oil reservoir.
*Oil reservoir is compatible with most synthetic oils and chemicals (see usermanual for specifics).
The ECO Oil series units in three sizes - 60cc, 120cc and 240cc - are user fillable, but not reusable once all of the oil has been dispensed.   They can serve only a single bearing.   These units can be fitted with a reusable NRV (non-return valve), or installed upside down without a valve.

The ECO will fit in smaller spaces, and is very easy to install and programme.

​All component parts of the ECOs are recyclable.

TL-OL500 500cc
The Technolube refillable OL500 Oil Lubricator consists of the main body with a vertical self-priming pump controlled by the microprocessor, a 500cc oil reservoir, and a battery pack.  The product  delivers precise, very small amounts of lubricant with a selectable intermittent dispensing cycle. Output volume is adjustable from 0.70cc to 33.4cc/day, equivalent to the service period of Half month to 24 months for the 500cc oil reservoir.  It can supply up to 4 feeds by using optional installation kits. Lifetime of the machine is 5 years or more depending on usage and ambience.
PLEASE NOTE:  The Technolube OL500 is a user-refillable electro-mechanical unit, but the battery pack MUST be replaced when each dispensing period set is completed.  

TL-OL500 500cc
TL-ECO 60cc, 120cc and 240cc
 ECO with 
Bracket Kit