* Please avoid overfilling.  This may damage the lubricator.
* Use a manual grease gun.  Do not refill with a  high pressure, high volume air/electrically
  operated grease gun as this may damage the Technolube S1, and warranty will be null and void.
* The Technolube S1 is not a time programmable unit.  The flow control valve is simply to allow you
   much more control over the dispensing rate.

Technolube S1 spring powered lubricator has a demand-feed system, is not time programmable. Bearings get only as much lubricant as they need.  The natural vacuum created in a bearing (Venturi Action) gently draws the grease into the bearing. When equipment is not operating there is no grease demand, which means that the grease will be rapidly discharged into the bearing housing if there is no back pressure on the unit.

Also, if you have an open bearing located in an open housing (no mechanical seals installed), the lubricator will be
discharged very quickly.  Please check the engineering drawings for the item you would like to lubricate, and from the drawings determine if there is sufficient resistance to permit the S1 units to operate correctly as designed.  If
any doubt remains then install a more positive Technolube product, from the ECor series.
(A fully detailed installation sheet is enclosed with every unit.)