Before installing the Technolube EC, remove contaminants around the lube point and ensure clear passage by purging the lube point with a grease gun. If restricted, the passage may affect the performance of the lubricator.  Please purge with the same or compatible grease as in the lubricator.

Remove the grease nipple and check for hardened grease at the bearing lube point. If hardened grease exists, clean the lube point before mounting the Technolube EC unit on the bearing.
Set dispensing mode
Installation instructions
Turn the housing cap counterclockwise and unscrew the cap.
*  Pull out the red MODE SELECTOR from the OFF position.
*  To activate the unit, push the Mode Selector firmly into the selected period      
    from 1,3,6,9 or 12 months. The unit will soon start to dispense at the set rate
*  Replace the housing cap by turning clockwise until securely in place.
To position the window properly, place the     on the housing cap
 in the area indicated (A)

Prior to installation the installation date and scheduled date of lube cycle completion should be logged on for maintenance purposes.

Remove the protector from the output thread and install on the lube point. The Technolube EC has a resiliently engineered plastic 1/4" output thread compatible with both NPT and BSPT threads.  Use appropriate adapters if necessary and make sure that they are firmly tightened.
Do not excessively tighten the Technolube EC as ithis may damage the plastic thread.  
For applications not allowing any direct mounts or extension mounts, remotely mount the unit using an 8mm OD (5/16") pre-filled lube line.

Keep the total length of the mount at 1M (3ft) or less
The preferred mounting method is a Direct Straight Mount.

When space restrictions will not allow this use a 45
or 90 degree fitting for Direct Angle Mount
For applications where a direct straight mount or angle mount is not available, use a straight, 45 or 90 degree fitting with extension pipe.

When using extension pipes in combination with angle fittings, keep the total length of the mount as short as possible
Mounting methods
Technolube TL- EC.
WARNING:  Do not use the Technolube EC for more than one bearing.  It is designed for single point use only.
The EC series units should be monitored regularly after initial installation to ensure that the dispense rate is not being affected by   factors such as bearing size, temperature and altitude.
Horizontal installation.