Purge the lube point with a grease gun to ensure a clear passage.
Remove the grease nipple and double check for any hardened grease  in bearing.
Press red button to turn on dispenser and set dispensing rates. 
Note grease type, installation date, expiration date etc. on the label for your records.
Turn lubricator off at the end of dispensing cycle by pressing the top red button.
Dispose of empty  unit in compliance with local waste disposal regulations.

A)    Manual Lubrication with grease gun.
Before installing Technolube D remove contaminants around the fitting point and ensure a clear passage by purging the lube point with a manual grease gun. If the lube passage is restricted it may affect the performance of the lubricator.

B)    Purge Mode.
The purge mode dispenses a large quantity of grease in a short period of time. To clear a  restriction it is recommended that a manual grease gun be used. Use purge mode only when absolutely necessary.  After the purge operation is used the mode should be returned to normal operation by pressing the mode button..

C)    Lubrication of large bearings.
Install one unit on each bearing point.  A bearing greater than 120mm (4-3/4") in size needs two units with a non-return valve attached.  If a bearing has more than two nipples, install one unit for each nipple.

D)    Accessories.
The Technolube D features  a 3/8" male outlet.  Use an appropriate reducer if necessary (available from your distributor).  When using 45 or 90 degree  adapters the total weight of the unit and adapter should not exceed 1 kg (2.2 lb.)  Do not use a
1/8" adapter as it may break.

 E)    Remote Installation - recommended where vibration is a factor.
When installing remotely please use a pipe or tube with internal diameter of 5/16".  The pipe or tube should be 3 feet (1 meter) or less in length and should be filled with a compatible grease to start.  The dispensing pressure (backpressure) decreases as distance increases. A 1, 2 or 3 month setting is recommended for a remote installation.

 F)    Shelf life and warranty period.
The shelf life of each unit is 2 years from its production date. and the warranty period is one year from the date of purchase.

                      - Potential electrostatic charging hazard.
                      - Do not tamper with product.
                      - Avoid swallowing of grease  or grease contact  with eyes, ,skin and clothing

Install the Technolube D on the
lube point by screwing in clock-wise.